Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Sometimes known as laughing gas, an inhaled mixture of nitrous oxide and pure oxygen is used to achieve mild relaxation and sedation. You remain aware of what is going on but are less anxious about the procedure. It’s effects are quickly reversed at the end of the procedure, and you are able to leave the office in a normal state. This is also a safe and effective option for children.


There are many ways we make your visits with us more pleasant. We have made great efforts to assure that our patients feel welcome, comfortable and confident in our team. Only then can you make the appropriate choices regarding your treatment. Consistent with our philosophy, we strive to always be sympathetic and understanding to our patient’s needs.

Some people have very deep-seated fears that keep them from receiving the care they may need. We are very considerate of those fears and have a range of techniques to address them. Regardless, a gentle, caring touch is always used during any visit to our office.