CleaningsRealizing that we needed to update and expand our website, we were asked exactly what it’s purpose needed to be, and how we wanted it to “feel”.  After consideration, we decided that first and foremost, it needed to be informative, yet straight forward and to the point.  We wanted it to feel warm, welcoming, genuine and non-intimidating.  We wanted visitors to our site to come away with a sense of who we are, our values and how we intend to provide care to our patients.

Our hope is that we can present dentistry in a simple, non-intimidating and easy to understand manner.  We are blessed to be in a “people business”; we have an opportunity to get to know our patients on a personal level, and for our patients to get to know us.  Through this relationship, we are then able determine your values and goals for your health, and assist you in making the appropriate choices that are right for you.

In summary, the purpose of our website and this blog is this: A resource of knowledge regarding your health, and to help you in developing a vision for your path to wellness.  We look forward to assisting you along this path! Please periodically check back for updates to our blog.

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