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The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) recently held their bi-annual Symposium in Las Vegas.  Our doctors always look forward to hearing the leading experts, researchers, and clinicians present over a wide array of topics pertaining to Biological Dentistry.  There were many great lectures and presentations, with a few of the topics including:

–Proper selection of restorative materials, and how important this is from the standpoint of biocompatability as well as minimizing oral galvanic activity. (Dr. Jess Clifford, MS)

–A great lecture over “The Human Microbiome & Oral Disease”.  This presentation was about emerging research which studies the importance of beneficial, healthy strains of bacteria in our GI tract and oral cavity, and how disruption of this delicate balance can lead to many oral diseases such as periodontal disease, as well as systemic conditions such as acid reflux, enterocolitis, inadequate digestion/absorption and leaky gut syndrome.  (Ann Griffen, DDS, MS)

–Updates on research pertaining to risks and amounts of mercury exposure from mercury amalgam fillings (James B. Adams, PhD, G. Mark Richardson, PhD), as well as the progress being made on a domestic and global scale to reduce and eliminate the use of mercury amalgam fillings.

–The importance of proper thyroid function, and how improper thyroid function has a dramatic effect on systemic health as well as oral health.  Also, the dentist’s role in identifying any thyroid abnormalities (Jorge Flechas, MD).  Dr. Flechas presented over many topics, including the importance of proper iodine supplementation, as well as the effect that supplementation with Potassium Borate (Boron) has on supporting optimal bone health and regeneration, and dramatically reducing the risk of osteoarthritis.

–Other topics included: updates on the importance of Tocotrienols (Vitamin E), proper supplementation with a good, clean source of Omega 3, periodontal treatment outcomes utilizing Ozone therapy, as well as many other pertinent topics relating to dentistry.

Many of the products and supplements discussed are available in our office, such as Iodine (LugoTab 12.5), Boron (BoroTab 30), High potency Omega 3 (Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil), quality probiotics (Pharmax HLC High Potency Capsules), and many other items that we feel are beneficial to your overall health.  It’s important to remember that optimal systemic health in turn supports a very healthy mouth.


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