Dentistry is not a stagnant profession; it is constantly changing.  Technology is rapidly evolving, techniques are being revised and improved, and paradigms about optimal health and care are being updated.   Our goal is not simply to “keep up” with change, but rather stay ahead of it. Our doctors have attended courses studying updates in […]

  • Date: 30 Oct 2013
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The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) recently held their bi-annual Symposium in Las Vegas.  Our doctors always look forward to hearing the leading experts, researchers, and clinicians present over a wide array of topics pertaining to Biological Dentistry.  There were many great lectures and presentations, with a few of the topics including: […]

Realizing that we needed to update and expand our website, we were asked exactly what it’s purpose needed to be, and how we wanted it to “feel”.  After consideration, we decided that first and foremost, it needed to be informative, yet straight forward and to the point.  We wanted it to feel warm, welcoming, genuine […]

We have made an extra effort in order to make our office environment more comforting and welcoming for our patients. Some of these “touches” include our paintings as well as other details you will notice upon a visit into our office. Of all of our original paintings, there is one that carries more significance to […]